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I am a lucky lady.

In what other job could you use your creativity, positivity, compassion and sense of humour.  Meeting amazing people like you .  Learning your love story, welcoming the next generation  or remembering the life of a loved one that was well lived. 

Taking inspiration from you, traditions, culture and the world itself there really is no limitation when you book a celebrant led ceremony. 


Trawling through directories or scrolling through internet searches can be draining.  I am so happy that you have landed on my page.   At Professional Ceremonies I am here to make finding your Celebrant painless,  grab a cup of tea and read on your search may be over.

Whether you are looking for:

  • Joyful baby naming's

  • Upbeat Weddings or Vow renewal

  • Heart-warming respectful farewells

Click on the link to get in touch and book your free consultation today.

I have the privileged  role of a listener, a writer, a storyteller and would be honoured to create a beautiful hand crafted ceremony.   

A little more about me.

As a young woman I left my home town in North East of England and moved to the South East.  I still have strong connections to home and don’t get back as often as I would like.   Now based in Surrey I love to work both at indoor and outdoor locations. 

I worked in the corporate world for many years, being lucky enough to travel across Europe, building professional relationships and friendships alike.

Even in this professional life, storytelling was important.  Whether it was presenting an idea to a small team or standing in front of a room filled with hundreds of people delivering a company address, my life in the corporate world was always about telling a story.  

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Why the change?

After the loss of a loved one which sadly had been expected, I met the  most inspirational celebrant.  I was amazed at the comfort found in that difficult time.  After the initial pain lessened I reflected, what was immediately apparent.  I had to do this, to celebrate the life that a person had lived, provide guidance and comfort to people.  I trained with the International College of Professional Celebrants and discovered the fundamental need for us humans to mark milestones during our lives, around the world, all cultures use ceremonies to honour important stages throughout our lives.  My exciting  journey began…

The Wedding Aisle


A Celebrant writes and delivers all kinds of ceremonies including wedding and funeral services, based entirely on your wishes. A good celebrant is understanding, supportive and will listen carefully to all your requirements to create and structure a unique and individual ceremony.

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